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As a chamber member, you now have access to special discounts on health insurance and employee benefits.

Up to 25% savings on health insurance

Monthly savings on health insurance for being a member of your chamber

Return of surplus premium

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The Winnetka-Northfield-Glencoe Chamber of Commerce has partnered with IXSolutions to provide members access to multiple health insurance options for both individuals and businesses.

What type of coverage are you looking for?

Employer Group Coverage for Businesses

Individual and Family Coverage

We understand that it’s a big commitment to pay for and administer health benefits for your employees. We'll help you find the perfect benefit plan for your business.

Whether you're looking for temporary coverage or recently turned 65, we have the solution to cover your medical needs and fit your budget.


Looking for employer group coverage for your business?

As a chamber member, here are the special discounts you have access to:

Benefits Enrollment

Enroll into a health insurance plan and ancillary products in minutes.

HR Administration

House all your employee data in one place—no more messy paperwork.


Enter new hires and have them complete I-9 and W-4 forms electronically.


Generate custom reports including payroll deductions and time off management.

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Aetna Funding Advantage makes it easy to save money with up to 25% savings on monthly costs compared to ACA premium rates.

Get additional discounts on the monthly costs for all Aetna Funding Advantage plans.

Save up to 25% on monthly premiums compared to ACA rates.

We've partnered with MetLife to provide members with comprehensive coverage and special pricing.

Receive discounts on COBRA services & Consumer Driven Health Plans through Flexible Benefit Service Corporation (Flex).

When bundled with Aetna's health plan or MetLife's dental or disability plan.

Special pricing on dental, vision, life, disability, auto, home, and legal plans

Help improve employee financial wellness with MetLife Legal Plans





Commuter Plans

Looking for individual coverage, or recently turned 65?

We have the solution to cover your medical needs and fit your budget.

Health Insurance

These plans are 100% Compliant with the Affordable Care Act but also the most expensive. Outside of Open Enrollment Period (Nov. 1 - Dec. 15) you need a qualifying life event to enroll.

Short Term

Get up to 6 months of ongoing coverage. Enroll today and have a policy in your name tomorrow. Plans do not cover essential health benefits like mental healthcare, pregnancy and preventive care.


Nearing 65 or recently become eligible due to a disability? More than 90 percent of physicians nationwide accept Medicare. Learn what you need to know to make the right coverage choice.

Dental & Vision

Routine dental & vision exams help you maintain overall good health by helping doctors detect early signs of disease. Discover savings on out-of-pocket expenses and fast, easy online enrollment.

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Gain access to leading providers.

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Chamber Resources

We’ve created these resources because we understand that it’s a big commitment to pay for and administer health benefits for you, or your employees.

Read more on our blog 💻.

E-book: A Simple Guide to Small Business Health and Employee Benefits

Small businesses are facing unprecedented challenges amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. We’ve created this resource because we understand that it’s a big commitment to pay for and administer health benefits for your employees.

As a small business, offering group health insurance is one of the biggest advantages you have for attracting talent and improving employee production and retention—especially in challenging times.

We've eliminated the guesswork by letting you know what employees really want.

How you can pay for employee benefits using the Paycheck Protection Program.

Make sure your employees are protected without breaking the bank.

About IXSolutions

IXSolutions brings 30 years of experience to the market as Employee Benefit Consultants.

We've been partnering with Brokers in the industry since the inception of the Affordable Care Act, bringing alternative solutions to our Broker partners.

Today we partner with all types of brokers, whether they are new brokers getting into the business, seasoned brokers getting out of the business, looking to expand and get into new markets, or simply looking for a trusted partner to lean on in the Employee Benefits space.

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